The Tasman Glacier

  • tasman-glacierThe glacier flows south on the eastern flanks of New Zealand’s highest mountains, Aoraki/Mt Cook and Mt. Tasman.
  • Tasman Glacier is by far New Zealand’s largest glacier too!  It contains nearly 1/3 of all glacier ice in New Zealand. Currently the glacier is 23km long and 1-2km wide and very deep.
  • Snowfall during Spring and Winter can be up to 12.5m at the top of the glacier.
  • The glacier terminates into a glacial lake that formed as late as 1989/90 (Tasman Lake). The lake is expanding rapidly – it’s currently 5 km long and up to 240m deep.
  • ‘Calving’ of icebergs into the glacial lake reduces between 30-400m of the glacier each year. You can see these icebergs floating in the lake.
  • Tasman Glacier is retreating. By 2045 it may have retreated another 5km as the lake expands.